IntelliGes lamp with tunable white

Light it up with delight.

Touchless Gesture control

By simple hand gestures you can adjust the “whiteness” and “brightness” of the lamp light to be as per your wish. You don’t need to touch any switches or depend on any smart devices to achieve this. 

Tunable white

Tunable White light is something that had been missing for long in our lives. But now with our amazing product we are ready to fill up the gap and provide you the ability to  control the lighting around you as per your comfort.


At home, tunable white lighting provides us the freedom of using right light for any occasion be it cool-daylight for a task work, a comfortable warm light for regular occasion or a cozy very warm light for a nice romantic dinner.


Using lighting with tunable white, a hotel can provide perfect lighting in its rooms for its valuable customers who will be spoilt for their own choice, a unique service that is rarely available today.

Restaurants, Malls, Retail chains

Service industries like restaurants, retail stores can use such lighting for providing perfect ambiance to its customers in any season, for any occasion and in different areas. This perfectly adds to their brand value.

Unique Gifting item

Gifting such a unique lamp will leave an everlasting pleasant memory on your guests with an addition of personal touch.

Explanation video about sensor